Wasabi isn’t just our name, it is our philosophy !

We are as spicy as Wasabi, the root and as quality conscious as the Japanese from where this green ‘hotness’ originates.

We invite you to collaborate with Wasabi and create some truly magical advertising campaigns, fashion work and media content.  Our fresh and exhaustive model bank ensures you get to choose the ones best suited for your campaign. Wasabi also nurtures and represents a host of other artists who will meet your pre and post production requirements. 

We believe strongly in creative collaboration! Even the competition should add to the creative process and not subtract from it and there are times when the required talent is with the competition; hence we happily collaborate with other production houses, model management agencies and experts in the fashion, advertising & media verticals to provide the best results for any brand.

An eye for detail, ethical behaviour, beneficial pricing and quick turnaround; that’s our promise.

In short,  Hire us… We don’t provide you a service, We provide you a result !